Our projects transformed into breathtaking exteriors

See for yourself the excellence of our projects transformed into stunning exteriors. The photo galleries below provide a true insight into our achievements. The pictures speak for themselves. Our projects have been transformed into breathtaking exteriors

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About us

Greening with tradition: the fusion of nature and heritage

Proudly continuing our family tradition, now in the hands of the third generation, as a nursery with thirty years of experience. Our passion for greening and landscaping is characterized by creating unique and inspiring green spaces. We take pride in our heritage and expertise, which we pass down through generations, providing top-notch service and quality to our clients.

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Providing all types of services in the field of horticulture

We offer all types of horticultural services, even the most demanding ones. Diversity is something what we are known for

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The magic of unique tree shapes in horticulture

We are committed to creating unique creations that take your breath away by adding a touch of exclusivity and elegance to your surroundings

Ancient bonsai

Bonsai, Japanese art of cultivating miniature trees in pots, represents a symbol of harmony between humans, nature, and the skill of cultivation. This ancient horticultural approach requires careful shaping and maintenance to achieve the desired appearance and size. Bonsai trees can represent various species, including conifers and deciduous varieties, and each bonsai is a unique artistic creation. These miniature landscapes are often considered symbols of longevity, stability, and harmony with nature, and are highly valued as decorative elements in homes and gardens worldwide.

Topiary forms

Topiary forms in horticulture represent the art of shaping live plants to achieve a desired geometric shape or figure. This practice typically involves regular trimming, shaping, and maintenance of plants to achieve the desired aesthetics, whether it be classic geometric shapes or creative sculptures. These living sculptures are often used in gardens, parks, and around architectural structures to add elegance and structure to green spaces.

Topiary forms


Bonsai trees are not ordinary trees; they are vessels of wisdom that teach us about patience, resilience, and the importance of harmony. Through bonsai, we discover that beneath the surface of each small tree lies a deep soul, shaped by the hands of an artist who has nurtured every leaf and branch with love and care. Therefore, each bonsai is more than just a tree - it is an inspiration, a teacher, and a reminder of the beauty hidden in simplicity.

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